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Molds are independently designed, manufactured, quickly tested and put into production, shortening the development cycle of new products; CNC, round bending, stamping, sawing, welding, we focus on aluminum profile finishing; for all kinds of aluminum profiles, we have a wealth of production experience.

Surface treatment

After being treated by mechanical and chemical methods, a protective layer can be formed on the surface of the product to protect the body. Through anodic oxidation, hard oxidation, powder spraying, wire drawing, polishing, sandblasting, wood grain transfer and other methods, we can choose different surface treatment methods according to the parts materials, surface conditions and processing requirements to meet customer requirements.

One-stop service

Our one-stop service solves the problems of outsourcing manufacturers' reciprocating transportation costs and difficulty in controlling product quality. To shorten the length of your supply chain, reduce management, transportation and production costs, improve efficiency and provide more stable quality products